Treat Migraines With Masturbation

Migraine Headache

Most of us have experienced migraines in our life at one point or another; the intense, throbbing, pulsing pain and sensation that makes your stomach twist in all the wrong ways.

Migraine attacks may last hours, even days, and during those days, the only thing one can do to not overdose on painkillers is lock themselves in a quiet, dark room, limit all sensory impulse to the bare minimum, and simply attempt to survive. 

Now, imagine if you’re a regular migraine sufferer, and have to basically sleep off a third of your life cut off from other people, work, and hobbies, because it’s impossible to enjoy and concentrate on these activities all while you feel like your head is going to explode.

For this unfortunate bunch, ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin are almost an accessory, and after reaching the point of becoming immune to pills due to a long period of gulping them down on a daily like candy; people turn to alternative measures, like rubbing their temples with essential oils, drinking excessive amounts of tea, putting ginger in every meal, even acupuncture. 

The last thing on your mind during these moments of despair is doing something pleasurable, so perhaps you never considered the idea of beating-off your migraine (literally).  Some of you probably used masturbation as a means of stress-relief, but did you know that masturbation is also an excellent way of treating headaches (and also, way more fun than acupuncture)?

According to CBS News, researchers from the University of Munster in Germany have found that sexual activity was successful in treating migraines in 60 percent of sufferers and in one-third of patients with cluster headaches. The particular research from the University of Munster examined 1000 patients: 800 patients with migraines, and 200 patients with cluster headaches.

The examination was in the form of a sexual-activity-questionnaire. An entire sixty percent of the patients that engaged in sexual activity during an episode reported moderate to complete relief from their symptoms and admitted to continuing using sex as a means of treating their migraines.

Whilst the research revealed a positive answer for only a little more than half of the people surveyed, this is equivalent to the number of people who report no relief from medication or alternative measures.

Considering the fact that you can become immune to medication pretty easily even when it does work – finding alternative measures is necessary for the long-run, and masturbation for treating migraines seems to be one of the best ones in terms of success rate.

Best Health Magazine summed up the findings of a registered sex therapist in Toronto, who points out the benefits of masturbation on your mental well-being come from the fact that during masturbation, your brain tends to focus on this one action only, which helps alleviate stress, which, in return, helps many physical symptoms as well, including migraines.

According to another research, which had been conducted by Randolph W. Evans and James R. Couch, 47.4 percent of people surveyed admitted to getting complete relief from their symptoms after experiencing an orgasm, whilst only 5.3 percent of people had reported making their migraine worse, so the chances of success are evidently much higher and definitely worth the shot.

In fact, migraines are only the tip of the iceberg, Bustle reports that various other scientific studies had shown that masturbation is an effective way of treating colds, anxiety, insomnia, cramps, blood pressure issues, even hiccups, and considering all of these mentioned contribute to and/or cause headaches; alleviation of stressors will, in one way or another, also alleviate migraines.

So even if self-play doesn’t directly and immediately relieve your migraine, masturbating may still help it fade away faster due to the fact it provided relief for the underlying cause of the migraine.

But, how are orgasms so beneficial? Whilst experiencing the big, cathartic “O”, the healing property comes from the release of natural chemicals in your brain, such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins.

The sudden major release of these chemicals makes us feel warm, flushed, happy, even sleepy, and these feelings translate in our brain in such a way that they work as pleasure enhancers, but also pain relievers. 

In addition to the moment of the culmination, the post-orgasmic relaxation period your body naturally tends to go into increases the threshold of pain, so even if the migraine is “still present”, the brain tends to not focus on it, but on enjoying the moment.

While most of us cannot stand our partners when experiencing a migraine attack, being locked with yourself alone in bed in a quiet, dark room can just about be a perfect setting to try and “get into the mood”; it doesn’t require a lot of physical labor, it doesn’t require you to sit up, and besides; what else is there to do!?

You can, of course, always grab some “tools” to assist you in a way no partner ever could, so light up a scented candle, take some massage oil, grab your favorite toy, and masturbate that migraine away.

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