The Ultimate Guide to Butt Plugs and Anal Orgasms

Bum. Butt. Arse. Ass. Derriere. Booty. We all have one.

Whatever you call your tush, did you know it can be the gateway to a type of pleasure you’ve never felt before?

Squirming in your seat yet? What if we told you that all you needed to start feeling this way was one teeny tiny toy? Come with us and before you know it you’ll go from anal amateur to a prostate pro.

What is a butt plug?

A butt plug is essentially an anal toy. It is inserted into the anus and acts as a plug. They come in all shapes and sizes, can have jewels on the end of even tails (if furry play is your thing, but that’s a story for another time). They can be worn alone or during sex. Whatever they look like and however you wear them, their goal is to stimulate a whole bunch of nerves that have just been sitting there waiting to make you feel incredible. 

Ready for more?

Let’s talk about lube, baby

The golden rule of all anal play. Use lots of lube. Don’t be shy and don’t worry about wasting anything. Get a good squeeze in there because we really do mean a lot, especially if you’re a beginner. Actually, even if you’re not a beginner.

You see, the A-hole isn’t the same as the vagina (which produces its own natural lubricant), and whether you’re using a butt plug, anal beads or going the whole hog with anal sex, you need this tool in your sex arsenal.

We’re not all about safety, lube makes sex feels better all round. It helps you to relax, heightens sensitivity and has a cushioning effect to help soften your muscles and prevent tears. Many lubes have been specifically designed for anal play.

How to use a butt plug

There’s no saying what your journey into the back passage is going to be like. It’s easy and smooth for some and a little trickier for others, but remember that good things come to those who wait. We know you’re excited, but anal play is a marathon, not a sprint. Just start slowly and enjoy the whole process.

Top tip: you’ll find using a butt plug a whole lot easier if you’re relaxed and already turned on. So go right ahead and prep, we’ll wait…

Ready? Let’s dive right in.

1. Prepare your anal area by applying plenty of lube. Water-based is best for silicone toys as it won’t damage them, and it’s super smooth

2. Lube up one of your fingers and gently ease it in. Explore a little, move it around, find what feels good

3. Get into the best position. If you’re playing alone, here’s our top recommendations:

  • On all fours (doggy-style, you know)
  • Lying on one side
  • Squatting over the plug. Feet or knees will work just fine

4. Angle the butt plug slightly towards your stomach. Slowly push the tip in, breathing deeply and slowly as you do. If it feels good, ease in a little bit at a time until it’s fully there. Keep your muscles relaxed

5. Remember, if you feel pain at any point, stop and take a break. It’s normal for it to feel a little unusual, or even a little uncomfortable, but it should never be painful

6. Don’t worry if you don’t manage it straight away, it’s totally normal for your first foray into anal play to take a few tries. Just plug away and keep at it, you’ll get there

The dos and don’ts of butt plugs

The dos

DO use lube – And make sure it’s a lot. If you think you’ve got enough, add a little more for good measure. Believe it or not but you can never have too much of the slippery stuff

DO relax – Breathe slowly, steadily and try to relax your muscles. Go slowly as you insert the plug, and try to focus on what feels good rather than anything you’re not used to

DO stop if it hurts – While it’s normal to feel a certain amount of strangeness when you first start with any kind of anal play, don’t force anything if you feel even the slightest twinge of pain. Brush off that safe word and stop if you don’t like it

DO start small – We’ll talk more about the best butt plugs for beginners shortly, but if this is your first time you want to choose a small and smooth plug that’ll make for an easy ride

DO keep it clean – Sanitise your toys thoroughly before and after you use them. And if the toy is porous, put a condom over it. Better safe than sorry

The don’ts…

DON’T rush – Go slow. Really slow. It ain’t like porn where you just shove it in and enjoy it. Foreplay is key. And have we mentioned lube?

DON’T wear it for too long – Start for just a few minutes and build up each time. 20 minutes max

DON’T go for dutch courage – It may be tempting to down a shot or two for bravery, but you need to be aware of your bodily sensations at all time. Stay in the moment, it’s so worth it

Which is the best butt plug for me?

Choosing the best butt plug isn’t much different to choosing any other kind of sex toy. A lot of it is about personal preference, and where you are in your journey. 

  • Consider the size – When you’re starting out, it’s important that your eyes aren’t bigger than your butt hole. The rule is to always start small and work your way larger. For anal virgins we’d recommend a size of 0.75″ to 1.25″ in diameter. You can get beginners butt plug kits that are perfect for nervous newbies
  • Where will you wear it? – We don’t mean to formal occasions, unless that’s your kink, but where you want to enjoy your butt plug can make a huge difference in the kind you want to buy. If you fancy taking your naughtiness with you, you’ll need to find one that is specifically designed for long-term wear, and one that has a bit of a curve and varies in thickness, otherwise it may slip out! 
  • What material? – There are so many materials out there, and it’s really all down to what gets you going. Definitely avoid anything with phthalates – no nasties up there please – so consider glass, wood, silicone, plastic, rubber and jelly, to name a few

How to have a prostate orgasm a.k.a prostate milking

For blokes, anal sex and using butt plugs is all about the p-spot. Without going medical, it’s basically the guy’s version of a g-spot and, you guessed it, it sits just a few centimetres inside the anus. If you want to venture and find this wonderful spot, we suggest you start off with a finger and then work yourself up to prostate massagers, one of those will hit the spot perfectly. 

Once you’ve got your finger inside – you should only need to insert up to two joints – place a tiny amount of pressure on the side closest to your belly, the front wall of the anus. Don’t feel anything? Go a little deeper and put a bit more pressure on the spot. A lot of people describe the prostate as a firm raised spot with the bumpy texture of a walnut.

Once you’ve found the prostate – it can feel different to every man – it’s time to stimulate and bring on those waves of pleasure. There’s no rulebook, how you stimulate the p-spot is entirely down to personal preference. Some like a gentle rub, some prefer light pressing like a doorbell, whereas others want small circles. 

If you’re new to this, it can take up to a few hours for men to reach a prostate orgasm. Don’t get disheartened. Give yourself an orgasm the best way you know how and try again tomorrow. We’re sure you won’t need much encouragement to keep trying!

Been given a lot to think about? Don’t be overwhelmed, anal play is just another part of your sex life and, once you’re familiar with it, will be just like slipping on a glove. Or slipping a glove in you, maybe? No matter. Now, we’ve given you all the education and tools you need to get the job done, now it’s up to you.

So go forth and get fruity with your booty.  Shop for butt plugs