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Ben Wa balls, also known as kegel balls, are small, weighted balls that are inserted into the vagina for pelvic floor muscle exercise and sexual stimulation. These balls are designed to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, which can help with issues such as incontinence, as well as providing a unique sensation during sexual activity.

Ben Wa balls come in a variety of sizes and weights, and some are even connected with a string for easy removal. Some are also made with different materials like silicone, metal or glass, and can also have different textures and vibration features.

Kegel exercises with Ben Wa balls can be done discreetly, at any time, anywhere, and are a great way to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This can lead to better control over the muscles during sex, stronger orgasms, and can also be helpful in preparation for childbirth and post-partum recovery.

But Ben Wa balls are not only useful for pelvic floor exercises, they can also be used as a sensual tool during sexual activity. The sensation of the balls moving inside the vagina can be very arousing and can lead to more intense and satisfying orgasms.

Ben Wa balls are a versatile and unique sex toy that offer both physical and sexual benefits. Whether you’re looking to improve your pelvic health, or add a new sensation to your intimate play, Ben Wa balls are a must-have in any intimate toy collection.

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