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The world’s best fake penis, Screeny Weeny, is just as good as the real deal. In fact, some would argue that it is even better!

So, what is it that makes our product — pardon the pun — stand out?

Realistic and Diverse Looks

For starters, Screeny Weeny comes in different shades and shapes. We offer both light and dark-coloured as well as circumcised and uncircumcised options to suit any need or body type. What’s more, you can adjust the special thermo-sachet to fit any waist size from S to XXXL.

Best of all, each and every Screeny Weeny is cast from a real-life penis to achieve that 100% authentic look.

Push & Pee Function

Screeny Weeny features a unique Push & Pee function that can be used selectively to fulfil a fetish, shoot a movie, or take part in that upcoming live performance — the only limit is your creativity.

The specially designed thermo-sachet ensures that the urine stays accurately warm for as long as possible. This way, the liquid remains in optimal condition until you choose to open the sachet and have fun with it!

To get the urine flowing, open the sachet and apply light pressure on the underside of the shaft using your fingers. To stop the flow, simply let go.  Don’t forget to shake!

User-Friendly Operation

Our product is hassle-free and easy to use with its one-handed operation.  You could  use two hands…but who are you trying to impress? 😉

Screeny Weeny is ready for action as soon as you are — simply strap it on and start peeing!

Safe and Secure

Screeny Weeny is made from premium-grade makeup silicone and is also fully drip- and leak-proof, ensuring a 100% worry-free experience.


ScreenUrin Set


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Screeny Weeny 5.0 Uncut Nordic white


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