Where to Hide Your Sex Toys

Where To Hide Your Sex Toys

Whether you live with your parents, a flatmate, or you have curious (meaning nosey) kids, your sex toys are some of the most intimate items that you own, and you probably want to keep them out of sight to avoid embarrassment or awkward questions.

That being said, where are you supposed to hide your toys so that you can enjoy peace of mind that they are safe from prying eyes? From your bedside drawer to inside your socks, keep reading to discover the best places to hide your sex toys.

  1. Inside your socks

If you are worried that simply placing your sex toys in your bedside drawer is not covert enough, then this is a great solution. Simply take your toy and place it gently inside one of your socks. Fold the sock in two and then mix in with the rest of socks. Not only does this offer a brilliant hiding place, but it will also help protect your sex toy from becoming damaged.

  1. In a suitcase

Most households store their suitcases away, either on top of the wardrobe or under the bed, with nobody really paying any attention to them until just before going on holiday. This makes it the perfect place to hide your toys, especially if you have larger items such as bondage sex toys.

Either choose to place directly in a suitcase, or for additional safety, cover with a few old clothes. You could even choose to place a small lock on the suitcase if you are still concerned about somebody looking in there.

  1. Inside a tissue box

If you are looking for a convenient place to hide your adult sex toys so that you can gain quick access to them when you get the urge, then this is the sex toy storage space for you. Placing your favourite toy in a box of tissues next to your bed means that your toys are only ever an arm’s reach away. Plus, tissues can be used to protect your toy and for any “cleaning up” that needs to be done.

  1. In a sex toy storage container

Yes, you read right. You can buy storage containers that are specifically designed to house your sex toys. In fact, when it comes to hiding sex toys, these are arguably the best idea, especially if you have quite a collection.

There are many different types of sex toy storage containers on the market, including organiser boxes with mesh pockets, hidden storage drawers, and even cute little purses for more compact toys.

If you are looking for some new toys to add to your collection, we have sex toys shipped across Australia, with new ranges added regularly.

  1. Inside a tampon box

If you are trying to hide your sex toys from a male, then this is your best bet. As most women know, men are all too keen to avoid having anything to do with sanitary products, so what better place to hide your toys?

Just make sure that you keep the tampon box in your room if you have any other women over to stay – unless you want them borrowing your favourite bedroom accessory!

Don’t forget, if you are hiding your sex toys away for a long time, make sure that you give them a clean before using to get rid of any dust and fluff.

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