How to Keep Sex Toys Clean

Clean Sex Toys

Cleaning your sex toys might not be as thrilling as using them, but it is necessary. Whether you use your sex toys on your own or with a partner, if you want your preferred toys to have a long life span you need to ensure that you clean them regularly. Not to mention the fact that poor sex toy hygiene can lead to troublesome issues like a yeast infections.

Not sure exactly how you should be cleaning your sex toys? Don’t worry. The below blog will tell you everything you need to know.

What are your sex toys made of?

You may think that you can wash any toys in just soap and warm water, but this is not the case. You first need to find out what each toy is made of.

Typically, sex toys fall into two categories: a porous sex toy and a non-porous one. If your toy is made using a porous material, this means it has tiny holes that could harbour bacteria. Porous materials include elastomer, thermoplastic rubber and jelly rubber. Examples of non-porous materials include silicone, metals such as stainless steel, and glass toys.

How often should I clean my sex toys?

Although porous toys are more likely to harbour harmful bacteria, both types of toys should be cleaned after every use. This is because your vagina is home to a whole host of bacteria that help to keep it healthy, and when you use your toys these bacteria will attach themselves to them. Although most of the time this will not result in any problems it does increase your risk of infections such as UTIs, yeast infections and STI’s if you share your toys.

How to clean your sex toys

The way you clean your adult toys is just as important as how often you do it, as cleaning the wrong way can lead to an erosion of the toy’s material, as well as warping it out of shape.

Although you can find specialised sex toy cleaners, a mild, unscented antibacterial soap can do the job just as effectively and save you quite a bit of cash.

If your sex toy is made with a porous material, this means that it is more sensitive to heat, so you should avoid using boiling water to clean it. If your toys are non-waterproof vibrators, you should wipe them down with a warm, damp, soapy cloth. If it does not vibrate you can simply run it directly under warm water and wash with antibacterial soap.

Before you put your toy back in its drawer, you should always make sure that it is 100% dry first, as this will help reduce the risk of any pathogens remaining alive on the device. All sex toys should be left to air dry naturally on a clean towel to reduce the risk of developing mould.

Do I need to buy sex toy cleaners?

They are convenient when you don’t have time to wash your toys properly in soap and water and provide peace of mind with their antibacterial properties. You can also now find sex toy cleaners that use UV light to kill bacteria, but these devices do not remove bodily fluids, so you still need to wipe down your toys after use.

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