How To Choose The Perfect Lingerie For Your Body Type

For us females, lingerie represents a lot of things. It makes us feel sexy, beautiful and attractive. Thus, the desire to indulge yourself or spend extra money on this clothing item is quite natural.

To get maximum satisfaction from the lingerie you buy, it has to flatter your body.

It is obvious, not all body types look great in just any lingerie, but do you know your body type? We will look quickly at the body types and how to identify yours. In addition, you will also see the best type of lingerie for your body type. This is very important as it will make your lingerie selection a lot more rewarding.


Basically, there are 5 female body types and they are quite easy to identify.

1.    Apple Shape

Females with this body type have larger upper bodies – shoulders, bust, and waist. They have slim hips and slender legs. For this body type, weight is gained in the midsection, face, and rear.

2.    Hourglass Shape

If your body feature includes a little waist with hips and shoulders of equal sizes coupled with a curvy bust, then you have an hourglass shape.

3.    Banana Shape

Also called straight or rectangular or ruler shape. Females with this body type usually have slim shoulders, waist, and hips that are of fairly equal size. The waist is usually less than 9 inches smaller than the bust or hip. Weight gain for the banana shape happens around the stomach and back regions.

4.    Pear Shape

The pear body shape is also referred to as bell, triangle or spoon shape. Like the fruit (pear), females with this body type have a slimmer upper body. Thus, the hips and thighs are usually wider than the bust and waist, most times even wider than the shoulder. Sometimes the legs are short and full, but the arms slender. For this body type, weight is gained in the thighs or rear.

5.    Wedge Shape

Like an inverted triangle, women with shoulders and bust lines wider than their hips, fall into the inverted triangle category.


Now that you know the various body types, I am certain you already know your body type. For more clarity, here are a few steps.

  • Observe where you gain weight

The 5 body types gain weight in different parts. Knowing where you often gain weight will give you an idea of your shape.

  • Observe yourself

This is quite simple. Stand in front of a full mirror wearing very little clothing and look critically at your body.

  • Observe the wide and narrow paths

Determine the parts of your body that are widest or largest and the parts that are slimmer or narrower.

  • Take stock

What parts of your body do you have the most difficulty flattering? What parts for you, consider your asset? Once you can identify these, you will definitely be able to tell what your body type is.


  • Apple Shape

If you have an apple shape, a Negligee will fit. It defines the bust line and helps to hide the roundness in your waistline. A Teddy will also do a great job, you will feel comfortable with these two.

  • Hourglass Shape

If you have an hourglass shape, I must say you are quite lucky. You can enjoy almost any type of lingerie you choose. But for the best experience, choose Chemise, Garterbelt, Corset, and Teddies.

  • Banana Shape

To explore a sensuous look, Corsets. Garterbelts, Bustiers, and Teddies are also suitable for your body type.

  • Pear Shape

For a proportionate look, choose lacy Negligee, especially ones that are flowing and taut around the breast. A Bustier is another good option; it will support your breast and distribute attention proportionately.

  • Wedge shape

For the best results, choose lingerie with halter necks. Teddies will work perfectly. It will distribute attention, especially if you have a flat bum. Your quick go-to should be bralettes, matching lace Thongs or Panties, and matching Camisoles to add straightness.

Ultimately, no matter your body type, you are beautiful and there is lingerie for you. Enjoy your sensuality and feel beautiful.

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